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Who was Seaman?
  • A Newfoundland retriever that Capt. Meriwether Lewis purchased probably in Pittsburgh while waiting for the keelboat to be built.
  • Had thick, black, curly hair that kept him warm, and webbed feet for swimming.
  • Weighed from 110 to 150 pounds.
  • For years people thought his name was Scannon, because of misreading handwriting in the Lewis and Clark journals.
  • Since he's a water-going dog, and his breed is named for a Canadian province that is an island in the North Atlantic, Seaman (another word for sailor) makes a great name for him.
  • He's never mentioned again in the journals after July 1806.
  • He helped out as a guard, one time barking a warning when a huge bison bull stumbled toward camp at night. Alerted, the men could get out of the buffalo's way.
  • Lewis, Seaman's master, wrote that he liked the taste of dog meat when it was served to the Corps. Clark, who hadn't brought along a pet, wouldn't eat dog meat.














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